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Why You Should Consider The Protein Sparing Modified Fast For Weight Loss

One is able to maintain the muscle mass and at the same time lose fat when they use the protein sparing modified fast because it is a low-calorie diet. At the beginning, those who participate in the diet must strictly limit their calorie intake.

After several months of limiting one’s calorie intake, the next step is to raise the calorie level to a normal level for a few months. This diet should be clinically supervised so that one will be able to get help in planning how many calories they should take per day.

Six months is the amount of time that one should limit their calorie intake in the beginning. Protein is reduced and calories added back to the diet in the refeeding phase. Patients who are obese have used this diet with the help of healthcare professional and they have managed to lose weight.

One of the benefits of the diet is that no muscle mass is lost and the metabolic rate is maintained. Obese patients lose weight through this method because they lose their weight from their fat tissue. This diet is beneficial to men because they lose more weight than women according to research.

In order to maintain this weight loss, people who take the diet must go for evaluations with a healthcare provider. Those who don’t visit their healthcare providers and work together with them, normally gain back the weight and more. People who undergo PSMF get additional benefits such as reduced blood pressure, improved blood sugar, healthy cholesterol, and reduced blood glucose levels.

Potassium, calcium, sodium, and multivitamins must be taken by people on this diet to prevent electrolyte imbalances. Before one is given supplements they must be tested on the electrolyte levels as well as their kidney functions. Ketosis occurs when one takes a low-calorie diet and that’s what happens with the PSMF diet.

People who want to take this diet must know that they should take a lot of fluids while they are on this diet. The fluids that one consumes when on this diet will prevent kidney damage. In order to achieve successful results through this diet, people must be committed to lifestyle changes and dietary changes.

To Reduce obesity-related complications when one is having surgery, a PSMF diet may be recommended by a healthcare provider. This is for those patients who want weight loss surgery. One may experience side effects when they go through this diet and this is why it is recommended that one must seek the assistance of a health care provider when on this diet.

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